VP Bank AG Vaduz


More than ten years CND has supported the VP Bank in all matters regarding Unix servers and data centre operations. As part of this on-site mandate, CND maintains a resident system engineer at VP Bank.

CND performs the following vital tasks (single point of contact):

• POC for all matters relating to data centre operations
• CND supports and advises VP Bank executives on all infrastructural and operational issues related to the VP Bank's central data centres.
• SPOC for server hardware support and installation

As the central point of contact for infrastructure maintenance CND carries out most of its work directly and if not assigns it to the relevant specialist units within the bank itself.

 POC for Data-Centre Issues

Involved in the VP Bank IT Infrastructure Department team, all data-centre issues and problems are recorded and dealt with by a team in the VP Bank’s infrastructure department. For the carrying out of any tasks CND provides a comprehensive range of specialist equipment for thermography, network measurement, current measurement, airflow measurement, etc. together with the necessary expertise.

In collaboration with those responsible at the VP Bank, CND develops concepts for the conversion, expansion or redesign within a data centre and proposes solutions. In most cases, CND carries out the work on its own, such as the conversion of server racks for new installations or the interruption-free conversion of live racks.

For such critical challenges CND plans the project and provides the necessary equipment (lifting equipment, ESD-compliant tools such as drills, vacuum cleaners, transport equipment, etc.) together with decades of data-centre expertise.

In cooperation with Emerson/Knürr and the manufacturers of data-centre components, CND ensures a smooth operation of the data centre.

SPOC for Hardware (HW) Support and Asset Management

Our tasks at the VP Bank include the receipt, testing, inventory and installation, but also dismantling, disposal and the management of the hardware warehouse. With individual hardware management we support the customer by implementing a maintenance plan and lifecycle management.


  • Database for the maintenance of the inventory
  • Data base for the stock of spare parts
  • Service and contract management
  • Technical advice and support in the evaluation process for new acquisitions

Our certified service technicians carry out installations, analysis and repair work on HP, Hitachi and Oracle/Sun products.

The thorough training and experience that extends right up to the operating system level aids us in analysis and troubleshooting.

  • Various Unix derivatives and hypervisors

For analyses in complex problem cases the CND team supports the VP Bank AG using its wealth of experience gained from years of servicing system environments for large, medium and small customers.

With regard to supporting hardware CND performs maintenance and installation services for the following platforms:

  • Various enterprise storages
  • Intel servers
  • Core switches


"As a financial institution, we value quality, stability, sustainability, and compliance with safety standards. The CND team supports us with its years of experience and expertise in operating our state-of-the-art data centres with the necessary care. The long-standing partnership with CND is highly appreciated and we are happy to draw on their know-how and experience."

Georg Farkas, Head of IT Infrastructure Technology